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Giles asks, "is there a way I can make up two years of tax returns?" The ACORN employee replies, "no you can't make it up", but tells Giles that she could form a business and state that she provides a service.Following the videos' release and extensive media coverage, she dropped out of college to "pursue demands to keep up with public appearances and job offers." who came to national attention in the United States in September 2009 with the release of his ACORN undercover videos.O'Keefe worked for about a year at the Leadership Institute, led by Morton Blackwell.They generated extensive, negative publicity for ACORN, and led to the U. Census Bureau and the IRS ending their contracts with ACORN, the U. Congress suspending its funding, Hannah Giles (born March 15, 1989) is an American conservative activist.

C., Brooklyn, San Bernardino, San Diego, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Edited videos from the visits to ACORN offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.

C., Brooklyn, San Bernardino, and San Diego were released between September 10 and September 17, 2009, and were used to launch Andrew Breitbart's Big website.

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