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In an article called Female Teachers as Sexual Predators by Steve Albrecht. This article appeared in, The New York Times, February 21, 2013.In this article, he talks about the double standard between male and female sexual predators. Hislop states, “Female sex offenders are not easily identified.That experience with always be with him just like any other person rape happens too. Well, the statistics on female sexual predators is not very high because it isn’t reported often enough.” (Unknown, Female Sex Offenders). The number rose quite a bit and then dropped a little bit. There are many statistics on male sexual predators. Most men who get raped by a woman don’t report the crime because who would believe them. It is unfortunate of a subject to bring up but it is a topic that demands that most women who rape men don’t get convicted for their crime or even reported.

In the study, it lists some possible typologies and what can contribute to such sadistic behavior. Kids and teenagers are in such vulnerable places and it isn’t the teacher’s job to prey on them. He was fresh in college and had a long distance girlfriend. Well, when he woke up in the morning clothes were everywhere and there was a girl in his bed. He said that he asked her and she confirmed the story.Some even tell their experiences of rape from a female predator. He says this, “I asked her what had happened, and she confirmed all the details, which included consent and desire that seemed impossible to fish out of the folds of my brain” (Unknown, IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was Raped By a Woman (And Then Dated Her For Two Years)).It is even more difficult to see histories of sexual abuse within a family predisposing or wiring a person to abuse people in harsher sides of their life. It is hard to think about women being capable of such a terrible crime.

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