Shira oka dating sim

It follows a character (which could either be male or female) as they interact with different women who have different and distinct personalities.

Equal parts visual novel, choose-your-own adventure, “sims” style simulation, and harem anime, this style of game basically puts you, the (usually) male protagonist, in various situations with a variety of (usually) females, and your job is to talk to (or otherwise interact with) them as you go through your (virtual) daily life. If you fail to accomplish this within the proscribed time limit, then… Many of these titles do in fact include salacious content, but there are many titles that don’t.It begins from the first day of college and follows the protagonist as they share their house with roommates.It also follows the main character as he/she goes through their day-to-day lives and also during special occasions.By making the right conversational/action choices, you can raise a character’s “love meter,” eventually causing them to “date” you (at which point, congratulations! (Also some games are released in both “explicit” and “tame” versions.) Most of these games are of course produced in Japan, and remain largely unknown to a non-Japanese audience.In recent times however a few companies have arisen that license many of the more popular titles and translate and release them for western audiences.

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