Signing and dating doctors orders

A few states have requirements about the time by which a discharge summary must be complete.

For example, in Texas, the attending physician must write, sign, and date a physician's discharge summary within 20 workdays of being notified by the facility of the discharge.

In Louisiana, it must be done within 72 hours unless performed in the previous 30 days.

In Arkansas, the medical evaluation must be done within 72 hours of admission, unless performed within 15 days prior (or 20 days prior if the resident was admitted from the hospital, in which case the hospital discharge summary must be forwarded to the nursing home.

- Hawaii, Minnesota, and Maine all require the physical examination and assessment within a week of admission unless it had been done in the 5 days prior to admission.

Under Residents Rights 483.10 (d) (1), the resident has the right to “choose a personal attending physician.” Further, under 483.10 (j), the resident has the right to receive visits from his or her individual physician and the facility must permit immediate access for such visits.

Also under resident’s rights, the facility must inform the resident of the name, address, and way to reach his/her physician.

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