Sonija kwok dating

) “Any kind of positive news deserves congratulations!

” Although reporters contacted Sonija’s past rumored co-star, Michael Tao Dai Yu, he did not respond to the press before the publication deadline.

On her blog, Sonija wrote, “Holding your hand, I want to grow old with you.” (執子之手,與子偕老).

When asked by reporters about the marriage rumors, Sonija said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” The crew for knew about Sonija and Shaojie’s romance.

After his divorce with Lee, Deric made his relationship with Bessie public. Deric later sued Bessie to ask for repayment of money he had lent her while dating.

Deric met his second wife, assistant Winnie Poon (潘燕妮), in 1996.

Sonija uploaded a photo of herself and Zhu Shaojie on her Sina blog.Thirty-six year-old Sonija wrote, “I have waited for happiness for a long time.When I gradually forgot about this hope, this fool emerged. ” Allegedly, Sonija met Shaojie in July 2010 while on the set of mainland series, , which also star Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Feng Shao Feng and Yang Mi.The couple registered for marriage in Australia in 2002.However, rumors quickly followed that they had accumulated plenty of debt after business failures.

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