Speed dating for kids

Do they have positive, caring relationships with their children (if any), or does the parent prefer time away from their kids to spend on their own activities and hobbies? You also need to look at whether they’re able and willing to maintain a job, resolve conflict, and delay gratification. Another important component to character is how we react to anger. Becoming out of control or explosive, or taking anger out on others, should definitely be deal breakers! In time, the first flush of love will disappear, but how he or she makes you feel will endure.

Each year dozens of nonprofits and public school principals gather for a ritual that looks kind of like a well-lit version of speed dating.

There are long rows of tables, roving herds of unmatched hopefuls, and even some awkward small talk.

Except, instead of talking about settling down and having kids, the conversations are about helping kids.

Making new friends can be difficult -- so let the library help!

Join us for this platonic spin on speed dating, designed to introduce you to a series of potential pals in a high energy, low pressure way.

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