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Its appearance is similar to netting, but unlike netting sprang is constructed entirely from warp threads.Archaeological evidence indicates that sprang predates knitting; the two needlework forms bear a visible resemblance and serve similar functions but require different production techniques.The zonari are made from sheep's wool hand spun with a drop spindle and dyed red, blue, or black depending on local custom.Zonari belts are a custom in much of Argolida and Corinthia where they are traditional dowry items worn by women from marriage onward and associated with fertility and donned on ritual occasions.During the 1890s Ukrainian villagers were identified as practicing sprang in the manufacture of women's caps.Soon afterward, local sprang production for various garments was also documented in parts of Eastern Europe and in Denmark.

Sprang is an ancient method of constructing fabric that has a natural elasticity.

Most archaeological finds of sprang fabric come from the later classical era and early Dark Ages: locations include Norway (third to fifth centuries A.

D.), Switzerland, Egypt (possibly twenty-second dynasty, also early Coptic), and various Roman sites.

In fact, it was not until the nineteenth century and the discovery of sprang at archaeological sites that it was recognized as a separate and distinct form of needlework.

Many museum objects that were wrongly classified as knitting or lace have now been correctly identified as sprang.

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