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That's just not me, and it isn't something I'm comfortable with.

An increasing percentage of women openly prefer dating older men rather than younger guys or those of the same age as themselves.

The present day sugar daddy is a complete contrast to his twentieth-century colleague who would prefer to keep such a relationship private while enjoying his clandestine in secretive places.

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A sugar daddy is a man, more commonly an older one, who offers financial support to a young girl in exchange for companionship and time.

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Basically, sugar daddy dating is fueled by pampering, spoiling and protection, which satisfy both his need to give and yours to receive.

Sugar dating is more of a mutually beneficial relationship than actual dating. Among the main rules for sugar daddy dating is pointing out exactly what both you and him anticipate from the relationship, so do not leave it undefined and vague.

He asked questions about Carter, but didn't ask to meet him., a website that helps men and women connect with sugar babies (people who are paid to provide some sort of relationship service) and sugar daddies (people who pay to receive the relationship service), I was skeptical.

I'm a single mom to six-year-old Carter*, who lost his dad when he died from a heart attack five years ago.

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