Tall girls intimidating to guys help my sister is dating a loser

I am currently a senior in high school, and I just feel like I’m missing out on a lot. I want to have my first real kiss, I want to cuddle and make people roll their eyes from PDA. Sometimes it just takes time for life to put the two of you in the same place at the same time.

I’m not trying to sound conceited or waste your time by gloating. It’s to the point where when I get compliments, I almost regret hearing what’s being said. But here’s the great thing: dating and cuddling aren’t exclusive to high school.

My best friend even gave me the nickname “Boy Magnet” because of what she’s seen throughout the years. I want to go on dates to amusement parks, the movies… There are plenty of great guys out there just waiting to meet you who will adore you for all that you are.

Guys claim that I’m gorgeous, they always give me compliments and attention, but it never goes any further than that. And it’s sad because I shouldn’t be worrying about stuff like this, but I am. Some guys might be intimidated by your looks, but other guys might be intimidated by the fact that you’re tall… On the opposite end, would you want to date a guy who thinks he can easily date you or that he’s doing you some kind of favor by asking you out?

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there's defiantly a ratio, but I'd say height is better at intimidating people.

The only time anybody has tried starting something w/ me is when I'm sitting down...

My shorter friends tend to get "picked on" by complete strangers, and they're fairly muscular.there's defiantly a ratio, but I'd say height is better at intimidating people.

No question is too outrageous or personal, so go ahead and fire away!

I'm 5'10'' and I'm not afraid to wear heels so am often 6'2'' when I go out.

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