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A 1933 Burke & James catalog lists the f/7.7 Brilliant for .50 which when adjusted for inflation, is comparable to 7 today.It had more in common with a simple box camera than a true TLR in that the viewfinder’s image is not coupled to the taking lens.The viewfinder is a large and bright “brilliant” image that shows a general representation of the composed image.The photographer is responsible for choosing correct focus and aperture settings from a limited number of options, just like a box camera.An attempt at a new model was proposed in concept form in 1956 to celebrate Voigtländer’s bicentennial, but none were ever made.The Voigtländer Brillant, especially the original metal body model, is a rather unique camera with a feature set not found on many other cameras in the marketplace.In 1915, the company would outgrow it’s original factory in Braunschweig and would move to a larger facility on the other side of town.

I spent an unnecessarily large amount of time covering their history in my review for the Vito II so rather than repeat a large amount of that information here, I encourage you to read the first part of the Vito review if you want to know more.

In the first two decades of the 20th century, the company would release a wide range of folding plate cameras with names such as Scheren-Camera, Alpin, Stereophotoskop, and Avus.

Voigtländer had great success around this time as both a maker of fine plate cameras and lenses.

Although aimed at the low end of the market, it was a well built camera with a unique automatic frame counter and 3-element lens.

It represented one of only two attempts by Voigtländer to make a twin lens reflex style camera.

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