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If you lost your own copy (I have no idea who my husband loaned our copy to), you might want to pick up a new copy of Titanic (Widescreen) and skip all the cooking! British love their custard and essentially this a simple custard with apples. Apparently the actual recipe for this dessert went down with the ship (understandable under the circumstances), but there are a few versions that attest to being close to the original. Yes, she is the one to blame, but still, when in moderation and fortified with alcohol, jellied desserts are light and refreshing.The first class menu is pretty ambitious, but cooking is about fun, so let’s start with dessert! Chartreuse is an after dinner liqueur which dates back to the 17th century, a creation by 3 monks who each had one part, but not the entire recipe. While the green provides a nice color contrast to the peaches, it has more of a vegetable or herbal flavour, the yellow more honey.Indian influences were seen on the 2nd class menu (Curried Chicken and Rice), but let’s just stick to a standard butter cookie sandwich. Having said that, I enjoyed seeing Ji Sung in any drama, my favorite actor. As for the female lead, Hwang Jung-Eum was good in "She was pretty" but in this drama she is overacting which I don't like.Waldorf pudding and Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly which was served as part of the tenth course. It is one of the handful of liquors that continues to age and improve in the bottle.makes 6 servings Ingredients Meanwhile in 2nd class, diners enjoyed plum pudding wine jelly, American ice cream and “cocoanut” sandwiches. I have found a couple of Indian recipes in newspaper archives of the time which are literally sandwiches filled with coconut…yuck!A Guide to Titanic Recipes: I have worked through the printed menus which survived the tragedy and there is something to inspire all cooks from first, second and steerage menus. Some of the recipes come from this great cookbook To order your own copy, click the applicable US, Canada and UK link.Check the “Titanic Menu” tab at the top of this page to navigate to other posts on this subject. Here is what you might expect at a dining experience out, the chef inspired by this book.

But everything pales in comparison to the excellent performance (S) here. The kids who play their younger selves are just so natural! It makes the story funny and it just makes her a lively and charming girl (just like kim bok joo). please let me know which episode she will stop screaming. I reallyyyy loved this drama and been watching this for over many times! This drama was released at 2015 then I watched it at 2016(because of GMA Philippine Network) Then I am still watching this at the End of 2017 and maybe still watching this at 2018!!! Also, for those who think she's annoying because she is " a lot". like the first 5 episodes of this drama very much, Ji Sung is talented as always the the script is good at the beginning. Liked this drama a lot because it was different with the 7 personalities going on:) only thing I didn't like was park seo joons character cause he mad annoying but honestly I feel like he's mad annoying in every drama idk why lmao but he just irratates me;p my gosh! I love the main heroine and I've watched her in a bunch of stuff,and I like the main actor too, so I'm going to give it another chance.That the news would be relayed to them so quickly (well as quickly as a telegrams and a bicycle) by the family solicitors would make my father (the lawyer) proud.If you are a cynic you will roll your eyes at the convenient timing of events, but the rest of us love the story line.

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