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I do remember the ladies room was directly beneath the dance floor and the shaking and creaking of the floor boards made the the image of being on the Titanic all the more real.

It reminded me of the below deck dance scenes from the famous movie.

Anyway, you can watch the first few episodes , enjoy it where you can , and drop it at the end like me, which is not a really bad idea :) For all who are hesitating to watch this, Couldn't resist adding this-I hesitated a long time before watching this due to the many multiple personalities in this show -first two episodes were all it took to hook me in here. Ji sung oppa portrayed all the different personalities. Chinjja Chinjja Chinjja hahahahaa One of the best dramas i've watched that depicts multiple personalities.Indian influences were seen on the 2nd class menu (Curried Chicken and Rice), but let’s just stick to a standard butter cookie sandwich. Having said that, I enjoyed seeing Ji Sung in any drama, my favorite actor. As for the female lead, Hwang Jung-Eum was good in "She was pretty" but in this drama she is overacting which I don't like.After one episode, I found the series lacking something, but it got better with age: my review.Now that you are aware that the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is near, there will be a flurry of events paying tribute with dinner menus featuring the last meal.

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