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Precocious teen star KELLY OSBOURNE is secretly dating TIM ARMSTRONG, the frontman of American punk band RANCID.The PAPA DON'T PREACH singer - the daughter of legendary wildman OZZY - has tried to keep...Since she started pursuing her solo project, this savvy scheduling has come to include sometimes taking her kids on tour, during which she gets up at 6 a.m.and does “mom stuff” until sound check, plays a show at night, goes out after the show and repeats the process again the next day.She hopes these preferences will wane, predicting that music fans are “going to get sick of it.”In the meantime, Dalle tries to protect her kids from the hyper-sexuality of pop culture by exposing them to as little of it as possible. Dalle’s daughter is into animals and “could tell you every breed of dog that’s on the planet.” She has already started writing songs and now listens to the defunct female-fronted British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees.

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While still in Australia, Dalle started the Distillers, but after she received compensation from the Australian government for her childhood abuse, she moved to L. “I used that money to get the f**k out of Australia,” she says. A., at the age of 18, she married Armstrong and wound up relaunching the band with L. musicians.largely because of the track “Seneca Falls,” but the U. The turmoil propelled Dalle deeper into her music, solidifying her reputation as a talented vocalist—her voice ranges from hoarse screaming to a sultry contralto—and an innovative hook writer.“I have to admit, I cried quite a few times,” she says of a recent tour. My kids always take priority over everything, [but] if the balance gets too heavy on the one side, I have to make sure to take out the scale” and redistribute the proof that Dalle is balancing things masterfully.The album is heavily influenced by Nirvana and Hole—bands she grew up listening to—but moves far beyond the predominantly guitar- and drum-heavy conventions of grunge and punk.Their careers cross paths again since Cliff covered Rancid's 1995 song 'Ruby Soho'...Rock supergroup THE TRANSPLANTS have reportedly split, six months after they cancelled their last tour. Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, has spoken out against Tim Armstrong, singer from Rancid.

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