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currently he is straining alot, and keeps pushing on his back legs, there is … well my gulf coast box turtle is really strange to begin with. I have a male snapping turtle that is about a year and a half old.

Several of them are painters, one is a red ear and then we have Bowser, the map. why does my tortoise always scratch n scrap the wall in his acqurium it is very big n he always does it? Yellow Bellied Slider - Pink lump closed eyes and off food My yellow bellied slider (18mth old) I noticed she was off food 4 days ago then next day both eyes swollen, closed and red, started anti biotics and swelling … his eyes are closed a lot of the time, unless i wet them with a q-tip.My baby Desert Tortoise has peeling around his mouth. Why is my hermans tortoise not urinating after hibernation? and he is constantly scratching them with his arms. Male Turtle Puts its head in Female turtles shell and gets stuck I have two Red Eared Sliders, one male and one female.I have a red ear slider that is acting the same as always,but i noticed a pimple or a bump in its right side of the face. pergnacy and caring for yellow bellied slider eggs i had 2 yellow belly slider intill recently it was a male 4 years old i think, a female slightly younger not sure how much by all in 6ft tank which ive … My sulcata tortoise was left outside over night and is lost Now she is lost! i cleaned it out and noticed there was white stuff all over his mouth. my red eared slider keeps scratching and biting himself.Charlie my Russian Tortoise Repti Turtle Sulfa Dip I have a male Russian Tortoise and the pet store in town here said to use a Repti Turtle Sulfa Dip on him for a short period of time no longer then twenty … We left her in an enclosed area in our veggie garden for the evening so she can catch a bit of sun. I have had my turtle for a couple years and he has never acted up before.

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