Ubuntu updating connection failed nm ifupdown connection c 82

I even tried assigning an IP by hand (from the range allowed on the server) with no luck.

I'm thinking that when it's right I should be seeing some "received" to go with all those "sents". as a user of kubuntu I think I can give you an advice: 0.

Apparently there's no other way of determining this, much less narrowing it down to the line within the script. On Monday 12 March 2007 , Christoph Schwerdtfeger wrote: Looks like I'll have to manually set up VPN using pptpconfig when I come in the office every morning, and have all my Konqueror windows blank since the network is not up when I boot. Is this type of response to maintain some sort of priesthood?

Or is it for self-aggrandizement, to show how smart one is?

Then you can change that line in the script and add an "&" after the execute command of that process.

Once I tried to start the connection, i= t always failed and report the ppp0 is hang up.

you can find a bit more information here regards, Konstantin 振翼 張 wrote: Hello, everyone! In my university, studen= ts in dormitory are required to access internet through VPN.

But the instru= ction of how to configure the pptp client is quite old in which there is a = form for user to indicate the public network interface as eth0.

[...] Yes, this is a known design flaw with pptpconfig, you can find it in the TODO file for the package. Adams, 20th March 2006, and Samuel Audet, 12th October 2005.

bug report: if the server has multiple IP addresses, one IP may be used for the tunnel connection and another IP for the routing changes. A design change would look up the name once, and then use one of the IP addresses for the remaining actions.

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