Updating cpanel

If the c Panel/WHM installation is already updated and you still want to re-install it, you can check the tick box ‘Force a reinstall even if the system is up to date’.

This is usuall done in cases when c Panel/WHM files got deleted or edited accidentally or if the files hasgone corrupted and c Panel is not functioning the way it should be.

Statistics Software Configuration), i also see this warning there : The server is having trouble keeping up with your statistics processing schedule.

updating cpanel-43updating cpanel-86

To update c Panel/WHM via front end or web interface login to WHM panel and go to: Home Upgrade to Latest Version Click on the ‘Click to Upgrade’ button to update c Panel/WHM to the latest version.c Panel has official documentation regarding it's Upgrade Blockers in c Panel Docs: Upgrade Blockers Specifically, c Panel 11.34 now requires My SQL 5.0 or higher.Use the Private Key and Certificate Signing Request obtained in the previous steps to obtain a new certificate (CERT) at your preferred vendor.Okay i tried to update the stat one by one # /scripts/runstatsonce This script requires c Panel 6.4.2 Build 11 == cpanellogd will exit after stats have run Okay it seem that my cpanel version are outdated, my cpanel version is : WHM 11.1.0 c Panel 11.4.19-R14379 SUSE 9.0 i686 – WHM X v3.1.0 Okay i need to udpate the server manually, you can update it using this command /scripts/upcp It takes me 3 hours to update it , but it is updated atlast 🙂 to version c Panel 11.24.5-S38506 – WHM 11.24.2 – X 3.9 SUSE 9.0 i686 standard on vh2 and The server currently is able to keep up with your statistics processing schedule.Scenario: c Panel is a licensed software and there are occasions when c Panel fails to function as expected and throws “License Invalid” error while accessing the WHM/c Panel interface.

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