Updating gamin nuvi 77

Is there a way to send way points to the GPS without creating category ? Hidden files and folders are not hidden in my Windows 7.

Thank you This seems weird but on my garmin if I choose Karen she says the name of my street (penn) which is correct, but if I choose Jack he says Pennsylvania. To me Jack is the easiest to understand, but if he says the wrong street name when I know what it is, I'm afraid of what might happen when I don't know. Has anyone figured out how to view the system files?

In San Francisco Bay area, we have the HD weather on 3597 with GTM60.

In the south bay near my home, I get the weather information sporadically, mostly not.

A collection of twenty nine 15 minute (500 scale) maps, cropped, color corrected and stitched into a new seamless map.

These vintage topo maps didn't see much revision until the late 1930's.

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Years ago, in NY I heard or read that it was illegal to have the device suction cupped on the windshield.

A new Basecamp update is available if anyone is interested.

Changes made from version 4.2.3 to 4.2.4: ◦Fixed error when deleting the last track point in a track ◦Fixed 'Arrive Continue' guidance issue on zumo 660 ◦Fixed address search issue when running in languages other than English ◦Fixed user data from FIT files not being read from the Edge 800 Have noticed some members asking about changing some of the Garmin driving instructions.

I ordered a Pro Clip device which brought it down to below dashboard level, which was much better for me anyway.

Hi everyone, Using basecamp 4.2.4 sending waypoints to Nuvi 1350T GPS, it always create a category of the waypoints in the GPS.

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