Updating windows 7 x 64

id=13057)Fixed: Pitch shift of grenades Fixed: Cfg Patches for camo versions of sniper rifles Fixed: Zone Protection worked only when there was an entire AO defined Fixed: Supports module no longer lists vehicles with protected scope as available Virtual Providers Fixed: Wrong localization of "Watch" button for Community Guides in French Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module when calling in artillery after a bombing run using Virtual Providers Fixed: Player's appearance consistent with the overview image of Showcase Supports Fixed: Panther no longer throws itself over the edge during insertion in Showcase Combined Arms FIxed: Changed squad movement speed modes in Showcase Combined Arms to accommodate changes to fatigue Fixed: Kuma vulnerability mitigated Fixed: Kart Trolley had a bad shadow Fixed: Cfg Patches have been tweaked for Bootcamp components Fixed: Optimized overall car inventory maximum loads to more reasonable levels Fixed: Adjusted memory points of Bobcat LMG Fixed: Driver of Sochor may be shot while turned out (

id=19876)Fixed: Issue with OPFOR grenadier harness variant providing unreasonable amount of armor protection Fixed: Error message in MP Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Slightly adjusted damper size of quad-bike Fixed: Strange chromatic aberration in alternate scopes Fixed: Adjusted fire geometry of Blackfoot Fixed: Crawling animation are played slowly Fixed: Speedboat turret doesn't disappear after being hit Fixed: Faces now show proper author in Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Various visual issues with Tempests Fixed: Pilots' visibility of compass if radar is disabled Fixed: Adjusted water resistance of Mohawk Fixed: Sochor is now usable for the Artillery support module Fixed: Skinning of back shields of VR Soldier improved Fixed: Adjusted durability of rear glass of SUVFixed: Adjusted geometries of Zamak Fixed: Nasty hit point settings issue that caused Helicopter Pilots, Helicopter Crews and Pilots across all factions to be able to sustain an unreasonable amount of damage suffered to their extremities.

Fixed: Model of Supply Crate has been recreated to prevent script issues ( id=19339)Fixed: OPFOR VR Soldier and Entity tweaked to receive the same damage as their counterparts Fixed: Unarmed player standing up from prone stance no longer players a swimming animation Fixed: Orientation of insignia (left arm), insignia / clan area made smaller to fit other BLUFOR units (like coveralls)Fixed: Possible scripting error in some instances of the player receiving damage Fixed: Self-propelled artillery is now correctly categorized as artillery instead of as tank Fixed: Possible error message when using Transport support module Fixed: Lights of HEMTT are no longer shining while off when looking from a distance Fixed: Showcase Combined Arms: Time limit is ignored once one member of the players' group boards the helicopter Fixed: Missing icons in Combo Boxes in editor Fixed: Incorrect colors of pictures in the Insert Marker display Fixed: Color of Rsc Combo Fixed: Missing rank picture in the map Fixed: Shadow for TRG-21 EGLMFixed: UI icons of P07Fixed: ARCO accuracy Fixed: TI on GMG static turret Fixed: Color of pictures in variables List Box in Colors tab Fixed: Removed excessive smoke magazines for Speedboat Fixed: Adjusted damage resistance of raised static weapons Fixed: Raised static GMG had a wrong get-out animation Fixed: Tweaked selections for the GM-6 model Fixed: Decreased too high maximum inventory capacity of several vehicles Fixed: Repaired shadow & placement of suppressor of 4-Five Fixed: Turning on the spot now has a negative impact over resting with all weapons in all stances correctly Fixed: Incorrect color of the side picture of a selected player in Role Assignment Fixed: Minor volume changes of crash sounds Fixed: Wrong structural armor of static GMGs Fixed: Rahim 7.62 - The iron sights on the barrel are too cold in thermal Fixed: Repaired fire geometry of the Ghosthawk Fixed: Default collective and auto-hover tweaks Fixed: Binoculars and range finders were not exported correctly from Arsenal (Adjusted: Mass of barrels to reflect their contents Changed: Damage property of buckets from building to tree so that they fall over Changed: Penetration materials so that the geometry of the dome of all radars is consistent Changed: Penetration material of metal parts to make it consistent through stages of the tent hangar Mapped granite penetration material instead of concrete on ancient walls Checked and fixed penetration materials and properties of walls Mapped concrete penetration material on the base of phone booths Minor code and debug print adjustments Potential campaign spoilers: Implemented: Patrol squad and vehicles Implemented: Patrol spawnpoint selection String "Camps" replaced for reference to already localized string Commands weapons Items and magazines Ammo replaced for *Cargo versions Removed: Checking of persistent variables against Adjusted: Loadout of several units on hubs Functions now support vests and uniforms as containers Container functions updated to use accurate magazines Ammo, that was recently updated to work with containers as well Thanks to command add Item being fixed, there are now goggles / glasses in the hub Armory Hub markers added to strategic map - for quick start and skirmish spawnpoint selection Improved: Hub marker visuals There is now a simple get in animation played when "start patrol" is executed Friendly fire is now monitored also on patrol vehicles and crew Updated: Hub composition Added: Patrol starting points Adjusted: Skirmish triggers Added: Cargo content interaction with pool Patrol characters now properly interact with the pool Patrol character identities are now correctly set Patrol tasks on hub now point to the suggested transport vehicle Added: Customization template definitions for all randomized vehicles Added: Template for patrol squad members If player loses a car, he gets a new default one, once he arrives back on the hub On-hub scene when player returns from patrol is now created Added: System for persistent customization Patrol trigger now shows the spawn point location on the map Localized: User action label BIS_fnc_ambient Anim Combat doesn't attach the unit anymore Added: Possibility to define bottom text, hide labels at mission markers and define a custom mission marker texture Uniforms added via force Add Uniform when needed Added: Some micro compositions for patrol Added: Support for multiple vehicles returning from patrol.Only the player's vehicle will appear on the hub, but the cargo of all vehicles get stored to the pool.A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users.It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.24).

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