Validating opacity css

Don't the Drupal CVS guidelines specifically forbid putting external dependencies into the repository and distributing them with modules?

[email protected]:~/tmp$ wget [email protected]:~/tmp$ tar xvzf date-6.x-2.gz [email protected]:~/tmp$ cd date [email protected]:~/tmp/date$ wget [email protected]:~/tmp/date$ patch Same with my own rolled patch against CVS.

:) There seem to be many versions of it floating around the web, or possibly the same version in many different locations.

For that matter, I'm not sure that we should be distributing ui.or any other j Query library files with this module at all - partly to avoid just this sort of confusion.

I'd like a fix for this, so that my clients can see nice CSS validation, with out having to hack date myself.

Thanks you guys in advance, Jordan of agree, very annoying.

You can not use this module or create your own override in your theme.For the other questions above: 1) The preferred method of getting the datepicker js is to install j Query UI (which will almost always be more up to date than this module will).There is a version of the datepicker included here for convenience, but I will eventually add a dependency on j Query UI and remove it.tracking Seems like something similar to here is fixed: a first quick look this could be fixed as a quick fix by only serving the css file on node/*/edit and node/add/* via preprocess_page Actually why not print the "mask style" inline?I believe the element ui-datepicker-cover comes from ui.Minor yes, but breaks CSS validation on every site which uses date picker...which is anoying for many people (including myself).

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