Validating opacity css

2) There is no easy way for a module like Date Popup to add it back conditionally in a way that it won't exist for other browsers, but there are many ways for you to do that in your theme (look at the way the Garland theme handles it in php).

Drupal's methods of handling these things all assume you are doing it in the theme.

If someone comes up with a patch to do something different and others are willing to test that it doesn't break anything, I will add it in. It sounds like the whole chunk of CSS that this is in is only necessary to fix a problem in IE 6 and below (source: Can we do browser detection either via a CSS hack or in the module and only include the offending code for IE 6?

Frankly, if we can detect who's running an 8-year-old browser I'd prefer to just throw up a big warning telling people to get with the times, but what can you do :)I can confirm that this whole block of CSS has no effect in browsers other than IE6.

I'd like a fix for this, so that my clients can see nice CSS validation, with out having to hack date myself.

Thanks you guys in advance, Jordan of agree, very annoying.

I'm thinking loud here, sorry if writing worthless lines !

All that is really necessary is to change the absolute position of the sub menu from top:21px; to bottom:21px; and the flyout menu from top:0; to bottom:0; But I thought that this was too easy, so I have changed a few other parameters such that the width of the sub-menus is wider enabling them to hold more text.

tracking Seems like something similar to here is fixed: a first quick look this could be fixed as a quick fix by only serving the css file on node/*/edit and node/add/* via preprocess_page Actually why not print the "mask style" inline?

I believe the element ui-datepicker-cover comes from ui.Minor yes, but breaks CSS validation on every site which uses date picker...which is anoying for many people (including myself).

Since it is easy to fix in the theme and hard for a module to fix, and we're already up to IE8, I think I prefer to remove it and let those who need it add it back in the theme.

I added information about this at admin/settings/date_popup, including the css that you may want to add back.

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