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If your service has operations that accept message or data contracts, use schemas to validate your messages.Message validation provides a way to validate messages when operations consume message contracts or data contracts that are not possible to validate using parameter validation.

The problem I'm running into is that no matter what the XML data is, its being printed. If the data is not valid, then I want the message to be discarded.

Trying to use the "publish_as_webservice" quickstart as an example for validating inbound message and not getting far.

I was hoping this would be a simple task, but appararently I'm missing something. ESB file ( if it doesn't, I get error that it can't find the file, so I know its finding it).

Revocation checking is performed according to the values of the Revocation Mode property value of the X509Client Certificate Authentication class.

The property is set to one of the X509Revocation Mode values.

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