Vanness wu and ady chan dating dating joserg20

” Our breakup had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any other person.” Nathan shared that he and Ady had kept their relationship secret in order to protect their privacy.

They had planned to go public when his career was more stable.

“Throughout the two years, I realized that we had too many differences in personality, life style, and perspective toward other matters,” Nathan wrote.

“And it is because of these reasons, the relationship was not working out. Not because as was reported in the news saying, “I was CHEATING!

Was anyone else dissappointed or am I collect losing it.

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According to Taiwanese media, Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo has requested a divorce from her celebrity husband, Vanness Wu.

Arissa recently wrote on her Instagram, hinting that she was struggling in her life, “I wish I were a man. Due to Vanness’ religion, the couple reportedly had different bedroom habits, which also contributed to their quarrels.

Vanness, who was in Singapore yesterday for an event, declined to respond on his divorce rumours.

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