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You don't just show up in a department and start asking for evidence. Surprise verifications are not needed, as a broad-based examination of evidence will always reveal the true state of corrective action effectiveness. I just need to sample some evidence related to our actions." Jill: "Do you suspect that we didn't take action? I just can't close-out the issue until we know if our actions have been effective.Communication about the verification process will remove roadblocks and smooth your path. We're also going to Jim's department tomorrow to do the same thing.Shown in figure 1 are some examples of evidence to sample, all related to a problem with orders being late.Figure 1: Examples of evidence The evidence in figure 1 is a broad survey of indicators related to the "late order" problem.The exact amount of evidence depends on the magnitude of the problem.

Of course, the specific type of evidence and sample sizes will vary, depending on the nature of the problem and the magnitude of actions. If you show up unannounced, there is a chance that nobody will be available to assist you by providing evidence. " aspect that sometimes accompanies verification activities.Speak to employees in the work area and see if they're familiar with the changes and their roles in implementing them.Awareness of improved methods may come from formal training processes or through informal communications.Locate the applicable customers and get their opinions.If customers have not noticed an improvement, it can be logically argued that the actions have not been effective. - If the problem continues to occur at the same level as before, then the corrective action is not effective.

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