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While we recommend attending the workshop in person, we understand that this is not always possible.If you can’t attend, or have already and want to hear it again, or share it with your friends and family, we’ve made a shortened version of the workshop into this webinar here for you: We appreciate your feedback!It was difficult to obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute the women and abortion doctors, and judges and juries were often reluctant to convict.For example, Henry Morgentaler, a Canadian pro-choice advocate, was never convicted by a jury.If you would like to discuss your application or would like some advice from a consultant speech pathologist about selecting or designing communication aids, please contact Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre on 03 9843 2000 or email [email protected] is an incredible story of a man who built his own space suit to achieve his goals. You will love the documentary even if it only available on i Tunes!Under the born alive rule, the fetus was not considered a "reasonable being" in Rerum Natura; and abortion was not treated as murder in English law.

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Our earliest texts contain no mention of abortion or abortion law.

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However, abortions continue to be common in many areas, even where they are illegal.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), abortion rates are similar in countries where the procedure is legal and in countries where it is not, Almost two-thirds of the world's women currently reside in countries where abortion may be obtained on request for a broad range of social, economic, or personal reasons. Three countries in Latin America (Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Nicaragua) and two in Europe (Malta and the Vatican City) ban the procedure entirely.

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