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Among the oldest items in his collection are a pair of whaling prints hanging over the cavernous fireplace in the dining room.They were created around 1878, Captain Douglas said, a time when whaling was the dominant industry in the region and crews regularly embarked on years-long journeys across the globe in search of sperm whales and their clean-burning oil.A convivial crowd filled the Black Dog Tavern Wednesday night for the first in this season’s Sail Martha’s Vineyard dinner lectures.After mugs of chowder and a hearty meal, the audience sat back to hear the tales from Black Dog founder Capt.

Many of those who do attend only have the option of a small Singles group or none at all.

But they’re also eager to learn about the sea and seafaring history.

In fact, he said, if he could he would “bonsai people and keep them all 11 years old.” “That’s the ideal human brain,” he said. 7 on the topic Turtlecam Talk, with leatherback turtle experts Amy Kukulya and Kara Dodge. Charles Nethersole will recount the 2016 capsizing of the catamaran Leopard and how all crewmembers made it to shore safely.

The underground ledge ripped its hull wide open and the City of Columbus sank alongside the reef.

“He would have stayed dry, but he did all the wrong things,” Captain Douglas said.

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