Who is aaron johnson dating

These are some photos of newlyweds Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor Wood…

only now they are Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson. As we’ve discussed before, Aaron is a mere 22 years old, and Sam is 45 years old.

“It’s a golden age, and I’m this dashing blond young officer in a white uniform. That was all Joe’s vision, and I played around with it a bit, but there wasn’t much of a character arc. “Savages, though, was probably the toughest shoot I’ve been on so far. He treated everyone the same, but it comes out of passion.

I never felt comfortable talking about that acting, and the kids I was around didn’t give a f–k about that world.

I never really knew that world until I met her.” [From The Guardian] He’s the same age as Kristen Stewart. And there’s Aaron Johnson, the same age, already a father of two (and stepfather of two), a husband and an in-demand actor with an assortment of artsy friends and colleagues.

Can’t there be a happy medium between “too mature for 22” and “22 going on 13”?

Aaron had a long interview with Aaron was filming Anna Karenina and Oliver Stone’s Savages at the same time: “I was filming Savages while I was doing AK, so it was tough at times to adjust,” says Aaron, still sounding a bit shellshocked.

AK stands for Anna Karenina, Joe Wright’s highly stylised adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic novel.

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