Who is chelsea tyler dating dating a rich boy

She is the daughter of musician Steven Tyler (born Steven Victor Tallarico) and fashion desginer Teresa Ann Barrick.

Among Chelsea’s half-siblings are actresses/models Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler.

In a caption alongside she wrote: "Last week I got to marry the most wonderful, incredible creature I've ever known. I adore you to infinity and beyond @jonfoster." Chelsa Tyler shared a photo of herself with new husband Jon Foster In the picture, Chelsea, who looks beautiful in a lace gown, can be seen gazing into her proud new husband's eyes.

Jon, meanwhile, posted a close-up of the happy couple, with the caption: "YAHTZEE!!! " actress also shared a photo of the newlyweds embracing on a hilltop.

Chelsea’s mother is of 1/4 Greek, as well as English, German, small amounts of Scottish, Welsh, at least 1/128th Cherokee Native American, and remote French, ancestry.

One of Chelsea’s maternal fifth great-grandfathers, Hair “De-Go-S-Ka” Conrad, was the son of Onai of Ani’-Tsi’skwa (Bird Clan), a Cherokee Native American, and of Hamilton Gunrod Conrad, whose father, Johann Jacob Conrad, was a German or Dutch immigrant, and whose mother, Jennie Taylor, was apparently Scottish (although some sources state that she was a Cherokee Native American, or of half Scottish/Cherokee descent).

Chelsea and Jon first met in 2011 when they were introduced by mutual friend Zoe Kravitz.

The plus-size model revealed she promoted a weight loss product several years ago when she "was pretty low on funds." "I've never felt grosser in my whole life." The newlyweds weren't the only one to share photos from the wedding day. Chelsea and Jon – who have a band together called Kaneholler - exchanged vows in front of guests including her famous father Steven Tyler.Chelsea's big sister Liv also uploaded some images, including one showing Chelsea in a bathrobe with ' Bride' embroidered on the back, applying her makeup. As well as Liv, the bride's other siblings – Mia Tyler and Taj Monroe Tallarico - were also at the ceremony. Be comfortable with who you are, and if you want to change the things you don't like about yourself, do it. They get paid to post pics with products," Tyler said. Steven Tyler is dating a woman 39 years younger than him "These 'celebs' are all about the money.

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