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However, due to selective breeding over the last 70 years they have been bred to different standards resultiing in many people recognising them as two distinct breeds.

Another view on this is that one is a working strain (APBT) whilst the other is a show variant (AST).

[1] City of Chicago: Understanding Your Water Bill (https:// Do you work in Illinois? If those answers are all ‘yes,’ then you’re not alone. on the three-judge panel, Judges Cobb and Smith, said that a Hog salesman’s noncompete was no good because (1) he had worked at the dealership for less than two years, and (2) he got no bonus or other special comp when he signed the noncompete. An employee who worked at his job for 729 days should be held to his noncompete, the judge said, just as an employee who worked there for 730 days. The end result of this streamlining is essentially that the previous RESPA Good Faith Estimate and Initial TIL forms have been combined into the “Loan Estimate,” and the HUD-1 and Final TIL have been combined into the “Closing Disclosure.” This is known as the “TILA-RESPA” rule.Many people who have bought or sold a property in the City of Chicago limits know that in order for the property to be transferred and the deed to be recorded, a water certificate from the City of Chicago must be presented at closing indicating that the water bill for the property has been paid.However, the water certificate process is imperfect and can expose buyers of a property to financial liability for water bill payments that accrued prior to them acquiring the property.It's worth doing your ownresearch and forming your own opinion.To throw into this the fact that APBT and AST were mainly bred from UK and Irish Pit dogs which later became known as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier the debabte gets even more complicated!!! Back to the Colby dogs - Colby dogs have always been well respected for their temperment, gameness and conformation.

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