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Subscribe: Android | RSS“That was about a year ago,” Knight said. The guys would rehearse in Knight’s basement, break for food upstairs, and return for more recording.

Knight did not talk with the other fellas about promoting his solo project over the summer.

“It’s going to be exciting,” he said of his upcoming summer.

“We’re going back on tour and it’s a huge arena tour with another ‘boy band’ and the excitement, the music, the fans…

“It’s very typical in this business to kind of push the dates back, but it’s still in May.” Yunno, Knight has done this once or twice before.

The original date was May 3, and the extra couple of weeks afford the artist more time to organize what will be a hectic spring and summer.

I'm assuming this question is refering to the Colby line of American Pit Bull Terriers started in1889 by John Colby.

“I had to push the release date back to May 31,” said Knight, who called in from his Boston home.

Especially in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier where some current breeders are producing dogs not respecting the Staffords of old!

May is usually a big month for Jordan Knight – he celebrates his birthday on the 17.

But in addition to turning the big 4-1, the New Kids on the Block singer will also release two albums on consecutive weeks.

The NKOTBSB collaboration with the Backstreet Boys hits shelves May 24.

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