Who is dating in american idol 2016

We found out that Kathleen is religious, pretty much artistic, and a cheerleader turned teacher.

She has two dads, and she feels blessed to have them.

The professional life of Trent Harmon has been quite an open book to read about.

What we really want to know about is his personal life. Well, he has been in a relationship for five years now (oooh, that must have hurt.) All being said, you might want to know who the lucky girl is.

Jessica said their romance blossomed once the show had wrapped.

reported that Trent has about four or five songs on the line for his debut album and has revealed a song called "On Paper" is kind of special.

However, he has not revealed when he is going to release his debut album, but we are sure his fans will be expecting some good music and Trent will not disappoint them.

With Kelly And Ryan, and radio program On Air in addition to being a staple on red carpets.

But Ryan Seacrest has proved himself to be a man of many talents.

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