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For me while growing up, Disney Channel was one of my favorite things to watch in my free time. Here is a list a my 14 favorite Hannah Montana episodes: In this episode, Lilly sneaks into Hannah's dressing room, and quickly finds out that Hannah is actually Miley. I wanted to spotlight this memorable show, so I thought a trip down memory lane would be appropriate.

Miley allowed this huge zit to stay on her face on a billboard in order to make Lilly feel better about her wearing her glasses.Miley's dad, however, says she can't go unless she passes her class.She creates a song that helps her to remember everything she needs to know for her test, and she ends up passing the class. In this two-part cliff-hanger, Jake returns after three months of shooting a movie that he left for right after kissing Miley for the first time, (number 5). Miley had to choose between the boy she had history with--Jake, and the bad boy who played guitar in her band--Jesse.It originally aired on January 16, 2011 in the United States on the Disney Channel, and later aired in Canada on March 18, 2011 on the Family Channel.The episode title is a reference to the Hannah Montana song "Wherever I Go".

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