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Contrast that with a moment of recall from the infamous 1974 CSN&Y tour when Crosby hit the road in the company of two warring women.One of them was a lady — Goldie Locks from Mill Valley — whose favors Nash had previously enjoyed.Crosby himself had just recently ended things with Mitchell, but he was generous with his women, one night even asking his girlfriend, Christine Hinton, to head downstairs to share Nash’s bed.Later, Stills’ “beast of a place” in the Hollywood Hills would provide another sprawling hippie haven.

Hollywood pictures have been milking scenes of actors singing or emoting to pop songs for about three decades now, ever since that too-cute “Big Chill” gang rocked out in the kitchen to “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” and — much more amusingly — the incarcerated Eddie Murphy howled “Roxanne” under the headphones in “48 Hours.” There have been countless imitations since, and it’s pretty hard to be charmed or surprised by any of it anymore.Those were such innocent times, soon to be much less so.It was in the making of that brilliant first album, holed up in a cabin in Sag Harbor, L. “Stephen and David loved cocaine, and I wasted no time acquiring their appetites,” Nash writes.(Notoriously, we do not talk about our feelings.) But this movie made me want to say it loud and proud: I love her. Like in high school (mine was of the all-boys variety), when it would have been socially unwise to admit that I found ZZ Top’s “Tush” dull, if not obnoxious, but, hey, have you checked out the way Joni Mitchell uses that Burundian drum ensemble on was where a lot of people got off the Joni bus.Up till then her albums had managed to define inventive lyrical and musical territory while still containing a healthy enough number of pop-inflected songs like “All I Want” to allow her to sell a bundle of records. The aforementioned Burundian drums were found on a song called “The Jungle Line,” by leaps the most melodically challenging track she had ever released.

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