Who is sara quin dating

Sara says she’s ready for such an obviously queer pop song (she notes it name-checks The Crying Game) to strike a mainstream chord.

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On a table are clay busts of Sara's face, which she sat for a few days ago. The molding material covered everything but her nose, which made her panic.She was writing in part about Reader seeing a guy when they first met, and more broadly about gender identity and roles in all relationships, which inspired the video’s fluid, drag-inspired aesthetic: The Quins take turns getting gaudy makeup applied, and a giant motion-capture camera films them in close-up, miming along to the ridiculously catchy track.In the final, CGI-enhanced edit, the colors will swim across their faces.“I think there's a part of me that wishes I lived in a world where it was like that.”Fans won’t see this footage until the Love You to Death world tour, for which Sara has massive ambitions.Right now, they’re booked to play 4,000-capacity venues in major U. markets, but, she asks out loud: “By 2017 can we be one of the top headlining tours in the States or internationally?

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