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In Philip Parker's description, the structural form is "an episodic narrative with circular events adding a beginning and end and allowing references to elements of each separate episode to be made throughout the narrative." Hitmen Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega arrive at an apartment to retrieve a briefcase for their boss, gangster Marsellus Wallace, from an associate, Brett.

Tarantino wrote the part of Jules with Jackson in mind, but his first audition was overshadowed by Paul Calderón; Jackson had assumed the audition was merely a reading.They take the briefcase to Marsellus, but have to wait while he bribes champion boxer Butch Coolidge to take a dive in his upcoming match.The next day, Vincent purchases heroin from his drug dealer, Lance.Returning to his apartment to retrieve the watch, he notices a gun on the kitchen counter and hears the toilet flush.Vincent exits the bathroom and Butch shoots him dead.

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