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The University of Mississippi School of Law is a world leader in air and space law education, research, and public service. Both options are exactly the same in terms of curriculum, thesis requirements, exams, and student participation. When online students are able to attend live, the online student will be able to participate in the classroom experience with on-campus students and other online students live.

On-line Student Experience The online requirements are identical to the on-campus requirements. lectures live (synchronous) if the online student connects at the time the courses are being offered.

Thesis Program Total Credits 26 Program Admission The part-time LL. in Air and Space Law is ideal for practicing attorneys who want the added advantage of an LL. but who prefer to continue working while earning the degree.

Students will also have the opportunity to take elective courses in lieu of the standard core-courses.

This is essential since part-time students will not take the same number of courses per semester as full-time students. Program Admission With the online option, a practitioner can take courses anytime and anywhere without the time and geographical constraints required to attend on-campus courses.

students will be required to successfully complete six core-courses: Comparative National Space Law, International Space Law, Private International Air Law, Public International Air Law, U. Degree Requirements Part-time students must satisfy the same course requirements as the full-time students in order to receive the LL. Course Selection Part-time students will work with the Director to design a course schedule that suits each student’s needs.

Il progetto, il primo in Italia, vuol creare un luogo di conoscenza e divulgazione delle tematiche sulle relazioni tra persone disabili e non disabili. Le quote saranno pagate solo a raggiungimento di 200 quote entro fino Marzo.

The discussion forums will enable all students and professors to post questions, answers, and comments 24/7 and from any location around the globe. English Language Requirement The University of Mississippi School of Law requires official score reports for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) before admitting an applicant whose primary language is not English.Alternatively, if the online student cannot attend the live classes, the online student will attend at his or her own convenience by downloading the lectures/Power Point slides online (on the computer or mobile phone) and participating in classroom assignments, discussion forums, and exams/papers. B., and Bachelor of Laws) from a foreign law school.All students, regardless if on-campus or online, will be able to access the courses anytime and anyplace with a computer or phone with an Internet connection. To see a list of minimum degree requirements to obtain the law degree by country, visit the LSAC Minimum Degree Requirements website.The mobility element was highlighted as it gives an extra dimension to understanding research and business as well as culture in other countries and organisations.The rise of the data economy in business was the topic for the next session, moderated by EIT Digital Node Director Italy, Roberto Saracco (read his blog post on the topic here).

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