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"I remember when my Henry Schein sales representative promised me that I would get a return on my investment very soon after purchasing my Dentrix software. I would recommend Dentrix for every practice." – Dr. Huddleston, Lexington, KY "Dentrix provides the 'wow' factor for my patients to visualize the treatment they need and to allay their fears about the treatment they don't need. It has truly given me the freedom to do dentistry and has given my office manager the best tools available to manage my business.Key challenges that strike at the heart of the Communist Party's claim to legitimacy, he said – the contradiction between unbalanced development and people's rising aspirations – as well as rampant corruption."Development is the underpinning and the key for solving all our country's problems," he said, adding later: "The people resent corruption the most; and corruption is the greatest threat our country faces." Indeed, Xi's campaign against corruption has been one of his most popular initiatives with the general public, even if it has also been used to take down factional rivals, and may only have pushed graft slightly further underground rather than eliminated it.At the same time, the military would be further modernized and strengthened. "Our military must regard combat capability as the criterion to meet in all its work and focus on how to win when it is called on." The speech was long on aspiration but largely devoid of concrete new policy measures.Much was devoted to the idea of keeping the Party's ideology at the centre of public life.But 91-year-old Jiang Zemin, president from 1993 to 2003, seemed less captivated, only occasionally taking out a largely magnifying glass to gaze at the text, scratching his ear, yawning.Other delegates took notes, or stared straight ahead, looking attentive, stern, impassive, dazed – or just tired, as Xi spoke on, and on. The theme of the Congress: that the party should remain true to its original aspiration, hold high the banner of socialism, and secure a decisive victory in the battle to build a moderately prosperous society.

Every arm and level of the government has been straining for months to make sure nothing was left to chance, that nothing would spoil this, the big moment for China's President Xi.

The Congress may formally incorporate that ideology into the Party's constitution next week – a step that could potentially elevate Xi to the ranks of the most powerful leaders in Party history.

Behind him, his immediate predecessor Hu Jintao listened attentively, his eyes mostly on the text of the speech.

"Achieving national rejuvenation will be no walk in the park," Xi told more than 2,200 members of the party's elite in the mammoth Great Hall of the People, a monument to Communist authoritarianism in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, beneath gigantic red drapes and a huge hammer and sickle.

"It will take more than drumbeating and gong-clanging to get there," he added.

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