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Ordinary public gatherings – including a high-profile football match – have been closed down or postponed.Censorship of the internet and controls on private chat groups have dramatically intensified, while massive lines built up at subway stations in the capital this week as security checks were stepped up.The Congress may formally incorporate that ideology into the Party's constitution next week – a step that could potentially elevate Xi to the ranks of the most powerful leaders in Party history.Behind him, his immediate predecessor Hu Jintao listened attentively, his eyes mostly on the text of the speech.

Dissidents been arrested or railroaded out of town, lest they disrupt the celebratory mood by saying anything remotely critical.

China's President Xi Jinping set out his Communist Party's far-reaching agenda on Wednesday, using his opening speech at a twice-a-decade leadership meeting to set out a vision of total control – with the party guiding not only the economy and the internet but culture, religion and morals.

China's leadership already has a hand in just about every aspect of life.

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