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A full crew of American Cancer Society staff and volunteers help create a relaxing and informative environment, providing around the clock "awake" service.

In addition, Hope Lodge guests have access to the American Cancer Society’s nationally acclaimed National Cancer Information Center and Web site.

The particular spot where this observa- tion station is located is a peculiarly advantageous one.

Gentis had accepted many invita- tions to dinner from mutual friends and in conseciuence felt under obligation to do something in return.

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The committee in charge has also been providing occasional fifteen-minute en- tertainments, and well-known singers and talkers have appeared during the luncheon hour and have received heartv welcome, pictures.

Lisberger, whose match last year brought the crowd to its feet time and again.

A number of entries are expected from the Oakland District and they will undoubtedly give a good account of them- selves.

Once safely down into Bear Valley, how- ever, the rest of their journey was comparatively easy going.

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