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The sad part is that the bible speaks against a man practicing "serial monogamy" at Matthew 19:9 and yet this form of polygamy is widely practiced throughout Christendom. The fact is in the world we live in, a woman can leave such a relationship if she so wishes thus many of the fears held regarding the treatment of women in such a relationship are unfounded.Why should a wife be abandoned by her man just because she has become older, or his heart has also become attached to another?Furthermore, users can also block other members from contacting them.Once you are a member of this site, there are innumerable possibilities of connecting with interesting users that are in search of the love of their life.As I think to much personal info is placed on the net I will send a picture and answer any questions you have when you contact me.No I am not a religious nut, but yes I am a Christian.If you get a chance have a look at the book it will tell you a lot about how I think as I totally agree with its logic.I understand that most simply turn off when they hear the term polygamy. There are three types of polygamy 1) polygyny, where a man has more than one wife simultaneously.

I was happily married for35yrs and I have looked around European women and find they just don't compare to Asian women Looking to meet someone and see where it goes. I recently read a book entitled "does the bible condone polygamy" by J A Farmer. This book has changed my thinking and has made me realize that we all need to belong and be loved.

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2) polyandry, when a woman has more than one husband 3) consecutive polygamy also known as "serial monogamy", the practice of divorce and remarriage (commonly practiced in western society).

The problem with the last one is that a wife is abandoned when another is taken, thus hearts are broken and lives destroyed.

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