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Attila, the Hun, tried to capture it in 451 -- and was defeated by its stout-hearted citizens. Wherever you go in France, past history rises up to capture your interest and stimulate your imagination.

Poitiers, where 1200 years ago, Mohammedan armies were halted in their march through western Europe; La Rochelle, the little harbor that for centuries has sheltered courageous fishermen and explorers; Bordeaux, center of a great wine-growing country and of gracious living. Five years ago, when the Communists launched their armed aggression against the Republic of Korea, one vital aspect of the worldwide conspiracy centering in the Kremlin became clear: If Communism cannot win by its customary intrigue, subversion and trickery, it will be quite willing to use armed force-particularly its stooge armiesto gain its ends, even at the risk of another world war.

The establishment of EUCOM Com Z led directly to the activation of depot and warehouse facilities of all EUCOM technical services.

Almost all of these installations remained in Class II status during the rest of the year and were therefore under the direct control of the chief of EUCOM technical service concerned rather than Com Z (Class I status- installation under direct Com Z control).

COM Z is a highly important subordinate command of the United States Army, Europe.

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It established the European military force of which we are a part.

1) The two major subordinate units of 7966th were: 7964th Area Command at La Rochelle, France, and 7965th Area Command at Verdun, France.

During the 15 July 1951 reorg the subord commands 7964th Area Command 7965th Area Command were redesignated - 7964th Hqs Gp, Base Sec, EUCOM Com Z - 7965th Hqs Gp, Adv Sec, EUCOM Com Z The Com Z Adjutant Sec was responsible (at this time) for the administration of: Hqs, 7965th Area Command Hq Det, 7965th Area Command 565th Ord Co (Medium Automotive Maint) 99th Labor Supervision Co An army without supplies is no longer an army, but a defenseless body of men, put out of action and inevitably destroyed by the enemy.

One of the most critical situations that can arise in armed conflict is when a commander finds his supply lines broken.

Let us look for a moment at the situation of our American Forces in Europe -- where they are, why they are here, and how they, are supplied.

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