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(2) In April 1969, the Communcations Zone, Europe was discontinued and replaced by the newly formed Theater Army Support Command, Europe (TASCOMEUR).Maj Gen Vaughan assumed command of TASCOMEUR upon its activation.NATO is pledged to a mutual protection of the North Atlantic area.It established the European military force of which we are a part.The establishment of EUCOM Com Z led directly to the activation of depot and warehouse facilities of all EUCOM technical services.

The port of Bremerhaven is on the North Sea at the mouth of the Weser River.

Whether you are stationed in England, Germany or France, it is almost certain that some time during your European tour you will find yourself traveling to some of the cities or installations in the USAREUR Communications Zone -- COM Z.

It will be to your advantage, naturally, to know something about the nature and purpose of COM Z, the events leading up to its establishment, and its remarkable accomplishments.

The 7966th was redesignated 7966th Headquarters Group and assigned directly to the Com Z.

All units previously assigned or attached to the 7966th were now reassigned or reattached to Com Z.

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